Our Lady of Peace Lewiston

Marsha has been entertaining seniors at Our Lady of Peace, an assisted living facility in Lewiston, New York. Most performers sing at an audience, but Marsha finds ways to sing with her audiences. For instance, she takes the classic Gladys Knight song, "Midnight Train To Georgia" and involves the crowd. Imagine little old ladies making the moves "The Pips" would make... Marsha gets them to "toot toot" the train horn, raising their one arm in the air, as well as rolling their arms like wheels to the left and to the right, and, of course, clapping along as best they can. She even "auditions" her back-up singers, making them copy her going up and down the scale: "mi mi mi mi mi..." Now, you had to be there to fully appreciate this, but let me tell you: the seniors had a blast. They were singing along, making their dance moves, and smiling. Isn't that the point? Even the staffers and visitors were like, "Who is this Marsha McWilson? She brings the joy!" True story: one person told Marsha that her performance got a woman singing, a woman whom she has never even heard speak in years! That's the power of music, folks, especially when it's delivered by fun-loving, caring Marsha McWilson.  

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