Batavia Downs: Another Successful Christmas Concert

Marsha McWilson's Motown Christmas concert at Batavia Downs, halfway between Buffalo and Rochester, was a success. Taking place on December 15th, the concert featured Joshua Vacanti from NBC's The Voice, as well as Harper Sinclair, Cameron Connor and the New Beginning Music Ensemble led by Ella Robinson. Songs like "Silent Night," "Someday at Christmas," and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas" wowed the crowd, as did Marsha's Etta James' impersonation on "Tell Mama" and "Anyway You Want It, Let It Roll." Marsha's new Christmas CD was for sale ($15) at this event, as well as new "bling" t-shirts ($25) featuring her name and face. If you would like to own the CD or a t-shirt, please use this website's contact page to inquire about getting your hands on 'em! 

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